New Year, New Curves, New Adventures

With 2018 quickly coming to an end, like today! It is important that we all remember what we have learned about ourselves, and what lessons we still learning. I have learned a lot! I learned how not to be fearful of the unknown, but to be more curious and open to the unknown possibilities that await. I have learned to let go more and let God. This is something that I do, but I don’t do enough. I would let go but keep one eye open on watch, as if God will let me down, and he hasn't yet. I have learned that a hobby is a place of peace that gives you a peace of mind. Skating is my hobby❤️. It is MY TIME where I forget about the outside world and its problems. It is where I forget I have problems. Yes I have problems too! It is where I release my stress and when I done don’t even remember why I was mad in the first place. Its ALMOST like sex, almost better than sex too😏. When I step onto the wood it like stepping into a vortex where life becomes weightless, everything is light and easy, carefree. And its not until I step outside that I realized I did the unthinkable and completely let go. Its like hitting a yoga pose for the first time perfectly, you don’t realize it until you come down that you actually did it, you actually captured your practice. Thats how skating is for me, its capturing my inner vinyasa or “flow” and nothing can break that flow of good vibes. This is the lesson I am taking with me into the new year, “Keeping flow and good vibes unbreakable.”

I want to give GOD praise this year to all the very special people that I met this year💕. I have never had such an amazing amount love from people as I did this year. I have always suffered from accepting people anxiety, yes I made that up, and it has always been hard for me to trust people. But this year has made me want to reach for those who reach for me, I usually pull away cause of trust issues. But all in all, I know 2019 is going to be a great year just based off of how 2018 is ending. See you all next year👍.


~ Sassy 💋


A Look into 2019

through the eyes of 2018

Skating Is For Curves Too!

Being a plus size skater can be a bit of a challenge. But in reality its hard for the skinny minis to step aside on being center of attention. LOL. A lot of plus size women I know would say “…oh I'm to big to do that…” or “…my knees to weak…” But the truth is skating saved my life! I learned how to skate at the age of 5 from my mom and my auntie. When I was 15 years old I stopped because I was so tired of skating alone, none of my friends skated. But to my surprise 15 years later after having kids, they gained an interest in the sport and now we skate every week at our local rec center and rinks. Our favorite rink here in town is Mig’s Pla Mor, in Euclid, OH.

In February of 2018 I finally weighed myself, even tho I know I weighed more at one point or another, I weighed a whooping 265lbs. Its is now December 2018 and I am down two dress sizes and I weigh 238lbs. Skating is for curves, it has been the healthiest and most fulfilling sport I have ever been introduced to. It has improved my curves made them more define, I have a waist now people! You know that thing we all have before babies, yes that thing still exists. I don’t even have to try at losing either it goes in spirts and my diet has not changed that much at all. The only thing I have done is lowered my amount of carbs, thats it! It has also allowed me to meet many different people and has been my main reason to travel this year. This coming January I will have the opportunity to go to my first ever National Skate Jam here in Ohio, and I am super excited! I have had the pleasure to learn moves from some of the best skaters here Cleveland and it help to make me want to keep skating cause of the family you gain on the skate floor.

I want my curvy women to understand we are welcomed in the skate world and there are some super dope curvy skaters out here just waiting to me us. Of course I must put in this my disclaimer before any of you with minimal experience jump into a pair of skates: please skate with caution, use protective gear such as knee and elbow pads. Also it is best to get lessons form your local rink and or skaters that are willing to show you some moves, safely. Well, thats it my skating loves. Follow me on instagram @sassy_sweet_one

With love,

~ Sassy 💋


Curvy Skater

Sassy Sweets